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meaning yse

yse means yes

yes means ahree

im so smart

person: "wanna go to ice cream land"
person #1: "ywa id love to go"
by gaboey May 18, 2021
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when you are surrounded by uwu and get **w-ified** lol
it takes a lot to get uwuified

it's easy to get the disease but hard to get rid of it
w-ified person: "wi wru woday uwu uwu"
regular person: "wtf bro u so sussy"
sussy people get the w disease
by gaboey May 24, 2021
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to be roof is to be rude.
to be extremely roof is ceiling.
person: *:why are you being so roof to me!?!?!?!"*

person #2: *"sorr"*
person #2 again: *"please forgib 🙏"*
by gaboey May 18, 2021
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