Guy: todays not thanksgiving its only Wednesday
Girl: yes it is, I'll prove it
Guy: ....
Girl: never mind, *yw
by CommandoVsDictionary November 25, 2015
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When referring to someone of white color or anglo saxon decent online. "YW" stands for "You Whitey", " You Whiteys".

Often used when a white person does or says something stupid.
White guy: " I hope president Obama fails! We need to break this president!"

Black guy: "YW"
by Gabster_619 September 16, 2010
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W-inds Is Great.. i Love W-inds..
They Look Really Good .. Dance good.. but why they did't sell their Song in Singapore??
by Ah Gal January 10, 2004
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yeti wierzgacz
by wonho March 28, 2020
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Toronto Rapper YW also known as ywfromthe6ix
I just saw YW on dundas square. He mad tall fam!
by Davi1887 May 10, 2022
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"yw" is an abbreviation for "you're welcome." It is commonly used as a response to someone saying "thank you."
Joe: Hey Bob, thanks for helping me move all those boxes yesterday.
Bob: No problem, happy to help.
Joe: I really appreciate it.
Bob: yw, anytime.
by ninjea January 21, 2023
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