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Abbreviation that means you're welcome
Used to reply back to someone saying, ty


TheMightyOne!: hey newb, you want some money?
!perv!: realli???
TheMightyOne!: ya here u go :)
!perv!: WOW TY!!!!!
TheMightyOne!: yw my newbie friend
by Georgemareen October 22, 2006
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an abreviation of 'your welcome' often used after ' ty ' is said,
george-23: ohh! ty
emma-32: hey, yw!
by abaaayy.ily. X May 01, 2009
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Friend #1: Thanks for cheering me up last night.
Friend #2: Yw. I am here for you.
by Sanfrangamerwhitegirl December 27, 2014
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wiCkEd eEv: cuz imma SirYn
B4ST4RD Z3RO: thats coo
wiCkEd eEv: heehheheheee
wiCkEd eEv: ty
B4ST4RD Z3RO: =)
by wiCkEd eEv December 04, 2002
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An abbreviation for 'yeah, whatever'.
Person A: 'Thank you so much for your help.'
Person B: 'yw'
by Opium Beast June 16, 2009
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When referring to someone of white color or anglo saxon decent online. "YW" stands for "You Whitey", " You Whiteys".

Often used when a white person does or says something stupid.
White guy: " I hope president Obama fails! We need to break this president!"

Black guy: "YW"
by Gabster_619 September 16, 2010
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