another name for your cash and prizes, hine, apple bottom, or tits. just another lame word to describe your guy and girl parts.
all you do in class is look at my yum-yums, sicko.
by uhhh, right January 20, 2009
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1. A person who tries to milk the world by getting a bargain or a good deal on everything.
2. Someone who is extremly cheap.
3. Someone who is always confused about life or has a confused/ awkward way of doing things.
Terry: Hey Nate you smell like a day old slice of muskrat crotch.
Nate: OMG! You can still smell that?! I thought my cologne would have aired out by now!
Terry: Yeah, I'm surprised as well, you put on that dollar store cologne 15 minutes ago. Nate your such a yum yum.
Terry: Hey Nate! I didn't know that you are in a relationship on facebook!
Nate: Oh I'm not! I just put that up so that people would comment me!
Terry: Nate your such a yum yum.
Nate: Hey, Terry can I put my car in Neutral and you push it into my driveway?
Terry: Did your car break?!(Showing concern)
Nate: No, I just don't want to turn my car back on and waste more gas.
Terry: Nate your such a yum yum.
by Teddy K. May 12, 2008
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1.Lick the butthole of your sexual partner.
2.The name of the female's butthole area.
1.She's so hot, I would totally yum yum her.

2.Last night, I blasted a load all over her yum yum hole.
by Anne H. Geraghty December 18, 2007
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A late night bet preformed in a college dorm room where one male sticks his tongue briefly in another male's butt crack for the sum of $65.00
That was crazier than the time your roommate gave a yum yum!
by Buck Nasty Athlectics August 27, 2007
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