A female character in the Gilbert and Sullivan masterpiece The Mikado. The role of Yum-Yum should be sung by a soprano.

Yum-Yum is the beautiful young ward of Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, and she is preparing to be his bride when she reunites with Nanki-Poo, a childhood friend and the son of the Mikado, and falls in love with him instead. During the opera, Yum-Yum is distressed by not being able to marry her beloved, until finally Ko-Ko releases her from the engagement because he has fallen in love with Katisha.
Yum-Yum sings quite a bit during the midsection of the Mikado, but her biggest solo is "The Sun, Whose Rays."
by Pitti-Sing June 23, 2006
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to get head from a girl.

to suck on a guys chicken
ayo girl let me get that yumyum.
whats up with the yumyum.
gimme some yumyum.
damn that bitch gives some good yumyum.
by bballer22 January 26, 2011
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delecious baked cake thing,
made of puff paistry and coated in a thin glazing of iceing.
Its name is its best definition.
Person 1: i ate 3 yum yums and now i feel sick.
person 2: Dude.
by argos gold February 23, 2005
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Another name for marijuana. usually used in a playful or joking matter
" we finna go Cop some Yum yum for later"
by SEKT January 19, 2006
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1. A fruitcake.

2. A "Nancy boy".

3. An overly dainty guy, commonly unsuited to conventionally masculine roles.
4. Paul Feig
The new Paul Feig bio pic is out. Did you know he has to ask his wife's permission to pee? And even then he has to sit! The film is called "Captain Yum-Yum".
by Panty-Hoser August 29, 2017
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1. A chick who gets paid to make u say YUM YUM!!!...
2. a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot nd prostitue.
by CUCAMUNSTER July 31, 2011
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