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A tinder for teens, which kids 13 to like 26 use to get eachothers nudes
how Yubo people be:
Mike (age 23) :”Can i have booby pics?”
Lucy (age 12): “Umm... Sure!😁”
by Hammah✨🤙🏽 March 28, 2020
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Like tinder for simps and friend making.
Person 1: what app is that is look cool

Person2: it’s called Yubo like it’s like tinder for making friends
by mccartyfromtheparty April 10, 2020
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A shitty app that always crashes
That app is such a Yubo
by MrMemeio January 20, 2018
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An online toxic app named Yubo that is used to slag bare dusty yutes. Gyaldem consider men that use yubo unattractive and jobless.
“Aiii b are you on Yubo styl?”
by Kingofbaddies October 14, 2021
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A place where you can find meady tings with high body counts or dusty grey tings with dead head game with there non existent top lip
Ay bro I’m horny, where are the slags at?

Go on yubo and you’ll find bando boppers
by December 13, 2020
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An app incels made to not be lonely and try to create more incels.
incel:I've been having this idea.
incel 2:go on
incel:an app where we took horny teenage guys and put them with teenage girls, guys and girls would add people who will pretend to like them, then randomly leave them on read, block them, ignore them, etc, and it will emotionally exhaust them, hating love, leading to them hopefully becoming incels
incel 2:brilliant idea lets call it yubo
and thus an app was made
by Necrozma Beam November 22, 2020
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