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Anybody who is loyal to Colorado State University.
ie) Students, alumni, parents, staff/faculty, etc.
Chant at Football Games
"I said I'm proud - to be - a CSU Ram!"
by Eastcoastvibe September 17, 2013
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I term meaning "You are fucked" or "There's no way out". Often applied to non-severe issues such as a flat bike tire. However, it can also be used to taunt a friend when they encounter an legitimate reason to worry.

Another use implies threat.
Use 1
Person 1: "Dude, that ugly girl asked me out and I was so drunk I said yes!"
Person 2: "You're done son."

Use 2
Person 1 spills hot coffee all over some douche bag at the food court.

Douche Bag: "You're done son."
by Eastcoastvibe September 17, 2013
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