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pirates shots is technically one long shot, you start with one ounce of 151 rum then immediately follow with an ounce and a half of any 80 proof rum, then immediately follow that with an ounce of coconut rum, then for the chaser you must chug an entire glass over 8 ounces with coconut rum and orange drink, the coconut rum in the this drink must be at least contain 2 ounces. you have to finish all of this within 15 seconds then you are in the pirate club
taking pirate shots with a spotter to prove you are in the pirate club, at a party or anywhere
by Notorious P.A.T. (c.o.b.) January 09, 2010
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Taking an 8 oz shot of straight hard liquor in one go. Chasers optional. If you get 1/4 down, you're a landlubber, 1/2 is a deckhand, and 3/4 or more is a pirate. The Captain status is reached if the shot goes down in under 5 seconds and/or no chaser is used.
Eric and Stan finished their pirate shots last night, Catherine was a deckhand, but Gwen is now a Captain.
by Lindsai January 11, 2009
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when you take a double shot of tequila, snort a line of salt, squeeze the lime in your eye, and have someone slap the shit out of you.
Greg: So, how was that pirate shot?
Steve: GGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Cornelieus McGillicuddy III March 27, 2008
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