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a gentlemens gooch area that happens to be smelly
"damn, did you see john's gooch last night, it was certaintly a smelly gooch, unlike billy's which happens to have a flowery scent."
by jamalshamali September 01, 2009
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a recently used douche sandwitched between two burger buns, if desired the buns can be toasted like in subway. This is considered a delicasy in norway.
Dave- "what the fuck is that norwegian eating"
Alan- "I think its a sloppy douche burger"
Dave- "wow, that looks like a pile of shit, why would anyone eat one?"
Alan- "dont knock it until you've tried it man"
by jamalshamali September 01, 2009
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when ones penis becomes erect as a result of thinking about people having sex.

Spencer- "hey guess what guys, when I think about sex my willy goes ping"

Rodger- "eww, willy ping!"
by jamalshamali September 01, 2009
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a man who enjoyes inserting his penis in shampoo bottles.
As shampoo bottles are very thin at the opening this usually means that the man has a tiny pecker.
Ronald- "man i had the best shower this morning, but i ran out of shampoo, what a bummer!"

Malcom- "oh, when i run out of shampoo, i just shove my dick in the bottle, isnt that what everyone does?"

Ronald- "dude thats bloody wierd, you must be a shampoodaphile and thus have a small nob, init."
by jamalshamali September 01, 2009
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a vehicle specifically designed for transporting disabled people, usually with downs syndrome. It usually is a shit car, or if in a group of downies, then a shit mini-bus with an old lady driving.
daren- "wow, look at that spacco wagon on the road over there! Hey mitch, you should be in it."

Mitch- "noii noii, duuuhhh!" *chews arm*
by jamalshamali September 01, 2009
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An area ruled completely by the homosexual comunity often used for sausagefests and various other activities enjoyed by faggots.
1. command squad leader- "brace yourselves boys we're about to enter Fag land, whatever you do DON'T BEND OVER"

Small asian man- "But wrot if wree wanna get burm raped"

2. jerome-"oh what!! greg said they'd be honeyz here but this is 100% Fag land"

Small asian man- "Awwwww now shish is my kina pawty"
by jamalshamali September 01, 2009
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A common turn of phrase used to desribe gentlemen running a satisfactory level of customer service and product quality in any business, often said when drunk to a kebab shop owner, a tesco employee or even a taxi driver.
Andy: *In yateley kebab house* *with beer in hand* one kebab please good sir

Ahmet (owner of best kebab yateley): coming right up sir

*within 5 minutes perfect kebab given with a smile*

Andy: cheers lads- You run a great business
by jamalshamali January 26, 2012
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