Tato, its dominican slang, for the word Alright.
Cleva:Im going to a party tonight, i will pick you up at 10:00pm on the dot.

Josue: Tato, just dont be late like always
by Josue Jerez November 19, 2003
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Tato is a name. It is a Georgian (used to be part of Soviet union, but now is a democratic and an independent country) name. Tato also is a name of the son of the most powerful mob in goergia today. I had chance to meet him too.
Hello, my name is Tato, and I am from a beautiful country - Georgia.
by JamieT. Brown June 10, 2005
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wop that tato
by ra August 13, 2003
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derogatory term used to describe the receiving/giving of oral sex.
Nick Paxton will never get any tato, seeing as he is an ugly fag with no ambitions.
by sexkitten October 23, 2006
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1. Anything that is small, defenseless, or crazy.
2. Anything dealing with ramen, skidz shirts, or tifa from Final Fantasy.
1. Wow, that guy's a real tato.
2. Hmmm...that seems kind of tato if you ask me.
by booshmaster April 26, 2003
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2 Meanings;
-A Potato. Those loverly brown Vegetables your grandad grows.
-A lame insult. See Below.
"LT dont be a 'tato head"
"you there boy! pass me a tato"
by Mooresy March 3, 2005
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An old osu! meme. It's the opening to Kantai Collection.

Usually the term is associated with misleading links that ear rape you with it.
cookiezi: omg some guy just fucking sent me tatoe
by Remyton June 27, 2016
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