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Tato, its dominican slang, for the word Alright.
Cleva:Im going to a party tonight, i will pick you up at 10:00pm on the dot.

Josue: Tato, just dont be late like always
by Josue Jerez November 19, 2003
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Another form of sayin peace out mi nigga..or bye basically
"Wat chu wanna do lata mi nigga"
"I dont know, ill hit u up lata to see wat we do"
"Aitte 'ta 'to"
by Irene April 21, 2005
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Nickname for Sweet Potato.

Usually in reference to a girl whom you've never met but would really like to one day.

A Tato is a real genuine girl: down to earth, gorgeous, very different from a lot of VB skanks. Oh and she usually farts at the gym :)
Captain Kirk's Nipples! What was that noise? Oh Tato's working out again...
by matothegreat July 26, 2011
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Another name for Fresh KeK
NickName for an older sibling
Claudia uses this nickname for roberto
TaTo i want your smoked cooch!!!!!!!!!!!
by puifreshkekchode November 28, 2018
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Tato is a name. It is a Georgian (used to be part of Soviet union, but now is a democratic and an independent country) name. Tato also is a name of the son of the most powerful mob in goergia today. I had chance to meet him too.
Hello, my name is Tato, and I am from a beautiful country - Georgia.
by JamieT. Brown June 09, 2005
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