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"Hey man, wanna eat some food and shit?"

"Can't do it man. I have to go sell myself on Sentinel Road and give the money I make to York University."
by Drama_King January 20, 2008
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A pretentious, Marxist school in the Northernmost point of Toronto. Largely inhabited by prissy children of rich families that are entirely supported by mummy and daddy's wages while their child pursues a useless degree in psychology or theater. A place that leaves said undergraduates well trained to apply philosophical principles to asking "do you want fries with that?"
Also, a place where U of T students go for an easy post-grad degree.
York University graduate of the bachelor of film studies: Welcome to McDonalds, Can I take your order?

** Actual paraphrase of a York University Residence inhabitant in Tatham Hall: "Yo guy, I just drank a 24 that I bought with my trust fund to my head and rubbed my sweaty balls against my roommate's forehead. Yo, I'm so epic."
by Unendlich September 26, 2009
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Also, Dork University.
1. Continuation of public high-school.
2. Place where any fucking retard to attempt getting a useless education in 'psychology'. -The degree for wiping asses.
I going to getting smrter frum York Unimverrsity
by Zacharoo March 25, 2003
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See "Fashion-Show"
A pretentious institution focused on the importance of Gucci, Prada and American Eagle...Warning may cause temporary insanity for the rare intillect.
"Like...Rally...O-m'God! My new Gucci scarf that daddy got me matches my Prada bag so well! I love school!
by Heliroo October 16, 2003
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York University is despised upon by other Toronto universities, such as the University of Toronto and Ryerson. It was once ranked #2 on Maxim's 'Sexiest Schools in North America' list. A lot of uptight, yet hot, girls attend this fine institution. Home of the rich and posh whose mommy and daddy buy their education. Known for programs such as the Schulich Business School and Osgoode Hall Law School (which I might add is the largest law school in Canada). It's Political Science program has received accolades and is considered one of the best in the country. Notoriously known for it's left-wing students and professors, and brawls between the Jews and Palestinians.
All hail York!
U of T chick: Nice Louis Vuitton purse. You must be a student at York.
Yorkie girl: Indeed, that is correct.


You're a member of the NDP? You must be/or have attended York University before! No one can have such leftist ideals and not be a Yorkie!
by CaptainD August 20, 2005
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