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The positive affirmation of a negative statement.

Wife says to Husband "You didn't get the raise, did you?"

Husband replies "Yope" (As is, Yes, I did Not get the raise)
by Bob S. May 13, 2006
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This word simply means "yes" just another cool way to say it
Rafa: hey you wanna go to the movies?

Maria: Yope! What movie?
by 5-13-14 June 4, 2014
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the combination of the words "yep" and "nope" meaning "it's whatever" because you could really care less either way to the question that was asked
she asks, "hey babe, can we go to the movies tonight?"
he responds, "yope."
by silver1179 August 4, 2009
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South Jersey slang for Yo Wat up? Usually greeting a couple of your friends (Yo + What up?)
Yope Yope Yope! <wattup wattup wattup>
by B. Sketch April 24, 2007
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a combination of the words nope and yes. meaning yes, the oppoisite of no.
"do you have $5?"
(takes their 5 dolars)
by MollyandPatches March 15, 2009
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When dill tries to say nope to jay man when he asks for more donair sauce.
Jay: Hey dill can I get some more donair on that?
Dill: Yope yonair guggy gug 970 jay bud.
by guggy970 February 26, 2017
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