A term used by twelvie morons that wear baseball caps backwards, have their pants sag half way down their arse crack, wear Converse sneakers and generally act like douchebags on public transport by blasting crappy dubstep and pop music through the tinny little speakers on their phones. Yoloswag to them means 'oh yeah, fuck i'm good, just ask me' but to the sane population all we see are whiny little douchebags that need a smack in the head with an ASP expanding baton.
twelvie: 'yer rikki and i are in a relationship, yoloswag'
sane teenager walkin past: 'DILLIGAF!'
by KTV484 February 6, 2014
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A combination of the acronyms YOLO and SWAG combined. As a result they stand for You only live once because secretly we are gay.
by THE YOLOSWAGGOT January 22, 2013
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(Verb) Converted from a ... strange exclamation of awesome to the process of 420ing on any day of a given week. First taken into this high form by a man named Nick, who happened to be void of any #yoloswag. To yoloswag. The process of getting superduper high, and taking on a supes chill demeanor.
To YoloSwag. Nick had just gotten done yoloswag-ing and mistaked his friend dean and kyle for a pair of skis, which he rode down a snowy mountain.
by AweSwagMan January 27, 2014
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A faggot's way of justifying faggotry on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.
1. I'm wearing women's jeans #YoloSwag

2. There are 5 cocks in my ass right now!!! #YoloSwag

3. I just ate a cup of my own sperm yo!!!!!! #YoloSwag
by 29254 November 1, 2012
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The unholy union of two godforsaken, overused, idiotic words which had a sex orgy and produced this demonic offspring. Also the go to term for all douchebags and fags of the world. Did I mention the fucking douchebags? When this word comes out of someones mouth, 10 babies will be sacrificed to Satan by canniballistic necrophiles. In addition to this 20 fluffy kittens will be get eaten by aliens, and a starving child in Africa will die. NEVER use this word.

If you use this word, you will burn in hell and be subject to anal rape from the babies who were sacrificed. Afterwards you will be castrated and forced to enjoy your genitals with ketchup and tabasco sauce.
YOLOSWAG just killed 10 babies, 20 fluffy kittens, and a starving child in Africa because motherfucking Urban Dictionary requires that I use this word in an example.
by DeusAnonymouse May 31, 2013
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A term PvP minded gamers use when they go all in or unsuspectingly dominate the entire team.

Because honestly, nothing feels better than single handedly owning an entire team of people and spamming / typing

/all go in, I'm going yoloswag

/all Yoloswagged those mofos

or simply /all #yoloswag420forjesus6969
by Jtrain1337 July 11, 2013
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One of those annoying people on the web who overuse those memes and sayings that used to make the internet fun. These people will say things like:
Fo'ever alone
These people will also use WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY to many hashtags
please dont be one of these people and if you see one, tell em that theyre a chucknugget
#yoloswag-ers suck
by thelastjake802 May 8, 2013
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