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a person who makes one feel like a natural human (Yoko Ono)
I heard an old Aretha song the other day, warm sun shining down, and I just got the yoko buzz of figuring out the answer to the ultimate question. But the news of the day, oh boy, zapped the yoko out of me when I saw the carnage.
by magnusonart May 02, 2005
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sexy old lady, avant-garde, punk rock, disco diva, gay diva, feminist, singer, artist, composer, crazy
"SheΒ΄s a real Yoko", like, this old lady is really sexy!
by Alexandre Soares April 06, 2005
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Avante garde conceptual artist who added a political, earth-loving edge to the music of a Beatle she married, giving up her personal fame, until his assasination, when she grieved with all of us through music, and eventually re-emerged into art "in her own write", and as his loving, loyal archivist. One who does not compromise her integrity, who loves eternally, who is a sister always.
"Hang in there like Yoko"
"Loving him like Yoko"
"Strong as Yoko"
"Brilliant as Yoko"
by Dorothy April 23, 2005
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Something that opens one's mind to possibilties outside the outside of the box.
That idea you brought up at work was really a Yoko!
After I read that book I felt really Yoko'd!
by Skeet April 11, 2005
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See Yoko Ono. Second wife of John Lennon and said to be the cause of the break-up of the Beatles when in fact she just happened to be there. See Yoko syndrome
Yoko looks strange.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
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In verb form:
To royally screw up a band. (Usually applies to a woman/man who screws up the band because she/he is screwing a band member.)

In Noun form: The said band screwer-upper.
Person 1: I used to like their band, what happened?
Person 2: Lead singer got Yoko'd and it all went down hill from there.

Person 1: What's up with lead singer?
Person 2: See that girl hanging off him? That's what.
Person 1: Dammit Yoko, stop screwing up the band!
by Lord of the Ping June 18, 2007
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A woman who interferes with a friendship.
Generally, one male seems to love her,
And the other seems to hate her.
Usually, fights occur between the two friends.
Originated from the Ono-Lennon-McCartney conflict.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a very strong bond, Yoko came along, and BAM the Beatles broke up. They had had building tension..but Yoko Ono pretty much brought on the final load.
Friends script:
(David is feeding Phoebe popcorn. Max walks up)
Phoebe: Hi, Max!
Max: Yoko. (To David) I've decided to go to Minsk without you.
David: Wow.
Max: It won't be the same- but it'll still be Minsk. Happy New Year. (Walks off)
by Cardboard.canvas May 03, 2006
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