a person who makes one feel like a natural human (Yoko Ono)
I heard an old Aretha song the other day, warm sun shining down, and I just got the yoko buzz of figuring out the answer to the ultimate question. But the news of the day, oh boy, zapped the yoko out of me when I saw the carnage.
by magnusonart May 2, 2005
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Avante garde conceptual artist who added a political, earth-loving edge to the music of a Beatle she married, giving up her personal fame, until his assasination, when she grieved with all of us through music, and eventually re-emerged into art "in her own write", and as his loving, loyal archivist. One who does not compromise her integrity, who loves eternally, who is a sister always.
"Hang in there like Yoko"
"Loving him like Yoko"
"Strong as Yoko"
"Brilliant as Yoko"
by Dorothy April 24, 2005
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See Yoko Ono. Second wife of John Lennon and said to be the cause of the break-up of the Beatles when in fact she just happened to be there. See Yoko syndrome
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
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A woman who interferes with a friendship.
Generally, one male seems to love her,
And the other seems to hate her.
Usually, fights occur between the two friends.
Originated from the Ono-Lennon-McCartney conflict.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a very strong bond, Yoko came along, and BAM the Beatles broke up. They had had building tension..but Yoko Ono pretty much brought on the final load.
Friends script:
(David is feeding Phoebe popcorn. Max walks up)
Phoebe: Hi, Max!
Max: Yoko. (To David) I've decided to go to Minsk without you.
David: Wow.
Max: It won't be the same- but it'll still be Minsk. Happy New Year. (Walks off)
by Cardboard.canvas May 4, 2006
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A person (usually female) who breaks up a group of friends or a good relationship with a person.
Jesse: Have you seen Andrew?
Cody: He's with that Yoko, April.
Jenny: Bitter, yet true, Cody.
by Darth_`Eowyn December 17, 2006
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"You guys coming out to see that Yoko dance tonight?"
by U.S. Census Board April 21, 2003
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n. a woman who really thinks she's an interesting artist, but is actually just a poser whos "cool" comes from who she dates/marries. a woman who makes really annoying art and tries to pretend it's "heavy' . an energy sucker. someone who's attempts at being "avant garde" come off to real artists as sensless crap. a woman who shows up at band practice and makes suggestions.

v. to be this kind of woman. to be a woman who stunts a man's artistic abilities in favor of her own mediocre ones .
"hey , bob's music has become very boring, and i havent seen him in months. he used to be really productive

"well, he got married to a yoko, what do you expect"

'what the hell is that horrible noise in the background of bob's new recording"

"man, you just noticed? he got yoko'd last year and its been like that ever since"
by phaedrider November 17, 2009
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