Andy: those youth on benefits are terrorizing the neighborhood again
Velma: you mean those yobs?
Andy: Yes!
by from_the_mire February 09, 2019
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Someone whose not friend zoned but you don’t want them to know that, so you call them a yob. Not a friend but a friend who’s not friend zoned
Tyler-dude, you’re a good friend
Sarah-um, yes yob! You’re a good yob!
Tyler-um, what’s a yob?
Sarah-for me to know and you to not know. Yob (:< call me yob too, yob
by Notfriendzonedforsure July 03, 2019
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Yobs is referred to a person who has low sense of emotions towards his/her beloved.

yobs is an adjective used for a boyfried who does not pay to his girl, although the girl tries hard to attract her boyfriend´s attention.
Suppose Arvin is your boyfriend, he works with his phone all the time, but when his girlfriend texts him, he pays no fucking attention. In this situation, you could say:
"Arvin is YOBS".
by ffffeeeee August 17, 2018
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A yob head is a snobby show off. Who is irritating to look at purely because of how their actions and appearance.
Look at the way that kid walks , he’s a proper yob head

Oi jib , shut the fuck up you’re being a fat yob head
by Barnowl 2001 October 01, 2019
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Thugs who reside within the Scottish town of Linthgow. They are notorious for setting fire to bins, causing distress to local residents and vandalising family areas.

They operate from 8PM onwards in groups of around 10, with many residents stating that they worry about leaving the house after this time - as they may bump into the Yob Wanton's.
"Sorry son, we can't go play in the park just now. It's getting late and Yob Wanton may be out - they're bad."
by Gregor123 August 12, 2015
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