normally the beginning of a derogatory joke for people’s mother.
dang jack, yo momma so ugly her reflection said “i quit””
by halfAlienSus October 24, 2019
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1. Stupidest show on earth talking about yo momma.
Man did you see yo momma last night, it was fuckin gay.
by MaNiMfInE May 15, 2006
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God awful show on MTV in which brainless gits try to insult eachother. Wilmer Valderrama hosts.
"Have you seen Yo Momma?"
"Yeah, I think I lost 50 IQ points."

"Wilmer Valderrama just lost all of his cool points because he's on this stupid show."
by Kim Dr May 14, 2006
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a retort that is used alot at my school. it should have died out awhile ago but no.it stood firm. it is usually a shitty retort because the person cant think of a fucking thing.
yo mommas so fat when she stepped on the table it said to be continued!

yo mommas so fat she has more chins then a chinese phone book!

yo mommas so fat when she fell off the bed she fell ouff both sides!!! looks somewhat like this. _I^I_ ( the ^ being the bed. i really suck at shit like that.)
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Means if someone says your ugly etc... that it is a smart comeback. It really just insults the persons mom.
Bully:"Your so ugly I can't even face that direction!!! "Ha,ha,ha!

Nerd: "Yo Mamma!!!

by AQUA16 March 26, 2005
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Someone who is so fat that she has two area codes.
Yo mamma's so fat, I ran around her and got lost.
by dj gs68 August 23, 2003
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