an understudy or person being influenced greatly by another person
Bob's protege has grown to be just like him.
by Harry A April 20, 2006
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The best thing ever to come from japan. One of the coolest, most upgradable, good looking, and sexiest cars to emerge from the early 90's.
"Oh my god look at that car! What is it?

Bob: That's a mazda protege, I pity the fool that doesn't drive one of those"
by txkprotege March 12, 2005
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An import car made from 1990 to 2004 by Mazda. Often used as rice machines or crap machines, most of these cars can be found in the junkyard, or on
"Hey look it's protegechris and his rice ass mazda protege!"
by C to tha hris March 11, 2005
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Unistal's Protegent is only antivirus software which protect your computer system from unknown virus threats.
It also provides data loss prevention software (Crash Proof) which is enables the user to recover/restore deleted files or data.
"Oops, my system crashed.
I lost my data. But I had an antivirus.
Antivirus is not enough. You need Protegent!
World's only antivirus with data recovery software.
Think beyond antivirus! Think Protegent!"
by ctrl+alt+delete August 16, 2017
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The word "Protegent" is derived from a French word "Protégee", which means "To Protect". Protegent antivirus software products go with the meaning of French word and have been developed by experienced professionals to protect corporate business, valuable data, children and foremost computer/laptop.This so called "antivirus" could potentially harm your computer.Derived from a Super Why character,this main trademark also known as "Proto" has made a unsucessful rap causing for it to be a meme.
"Think Beyond Antivirus, Think Protegent!"
by roblocks October 3, 2017
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1990-2003 Mazda automobile; A compact sedan for the compact car enthusiast. 3 generations: 'BG'= 1990-1994, 'BHA'= 1995-1998, 'BJ'= 1999-2003. BG chassis cars have the B8 1.8L SOHC Inline 4(~108hp) and the LX has the BP 1.8L DOHC Inline 4(~125hp). BHA chassis cars have the Z5 1.5L Inline 4(~98hp) and the ES has the BP 1.8. BJ chassis cars have the Z6 1.6L, FP 1.8L, and FS 2.0L.

Known for thier sporty handling and driving style as well as outstanding reliability and crisp styling, they remain underestimated by the masses, but popular amongst Mazda enthusiast.
Some kid: Is that your car?
Me: Yes it is.
Some kid: Dude, what is that?
Me: It's my '94 Protege LX.
Some kid: Hey I got this Civic, it's like stock, I'll race you.
Me: No, that's quite alright. While my Protege is quick, it's a classy compact car and I'd feel bad degrading it by racing your Civic. Sorry.
by MazKid March 1, 2006
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In the hip hop/music world, a singer/rapper whose career is backed up by or supported by an already famous musician.
Rah Digga is Busta Rhymes' protege.
Shawnna is Ludacris' protege.
Da Brat is Jermaine Dupri's protege.
Ms. Jade was Timbaland and Missy Elliott's protege.

And so on...
by Pomegranate July 4, 2006
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