Internet intercourse between two or more furries.
We yiff with other "animals" online because we can't mate with our own species in real life.
by TG March 27, 2004
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(in the furry fandon)
to fornicate. (from the sound a fox in heat makes)
interjection (a greeting such as hello)
see also yiffy
verb "I yiffed her."
interjection "Yiff, Dark Fox."
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
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verb: to have netsex while pretending to be animals or furries (anthropomorphic animals), frequently practised in the furry fandom

noun: 1. a session of said netsex, 2. pornography featuring furries

adjective (yiffy): sexy or horny, in a furry context
"Hi, I'm an anthro white-tailed deer with a 12 inch cock, wanna yiff?"

"Doug Winger? He's that guy who draws nothing but yiff, isn't he?"

"U look yiffy, I want U be naughty on me"
by El Gatito Demoniaco December 21, 2002
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To yell and sniff. Made by MatPat on the GTlive Chanel during a Dayshift at FNAF stream to censor the actual meaning of Yiff.
Phone guy: "DO NOT YIFF THE FOX."
MatPat: "Okay guys, no yelling and sniffing."
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by ?,?,?,_ July 17, 2017
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What male virgins define as the orgasm they achieve after masturbating to pictures of dog porn on the internet.
"I had the best yiff ever last night, but now my laptop is stuck shut."
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
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Term used by furfaggots to denote any form of sex, sexuality or anything of that sort. It usually involves an animal and is about the most fucked up thing on the planet.
Yiff in Hell furfags!
by CheeseAnonymous February 29, 2008
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Furry nude or furry sex and naked furrs
Yiff people love making yiff art as they glide the shine of water to the showerhead
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by Zabriel is cool April 18, 2020
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