Amazing, best girl you could meet
beautiful, smart, caring, definition of someone everyone loves.
never a whore,nor slut
mikayla is more than likely an amazing girl
gets what she wants
never gives up
a great person overall
Mikhaila is an awesome person.
by randomwords October 8, 2008
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Mikhaila is stain on this earth.Her very name causes nausea.If you ever meet a Mikhaila you have met the worlds biggest and ugliest little bitch.But her family espicially siblings are the complete oppisite(true angels)
Guy one:Oh man !
Guy two:what happend bro
Guy:I think I just met a Mikhaila
by Will erita September 18, 2019
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Mikhaila gill is the most wonderful, most funny, sexiest woman ever
she's fs a Mikhaila
by normanthevenicebitch September 3, 2023
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