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pronounced: YehMe't. a new, yet fast-growing language circulating around the surrey area of England - mainly in Guildford. This language was first spoken by a carpentry student from guildford college and has since taught others to speak fluent Yeme. if one does not speak yeme, one is considered a knob in the eyes of those who do.
-oh, lo me. a c yu gon go sho me an by naan me. by me sum swel me den we go otsralia on coppa me an pla wi kwala me.
-yeme, we go otsralia me an plai wid fish me. ave barbkoo me an ge smashd me

(translation) -oh, hello mate. i see you are going to go to the shop mate and buy bananas mate. buy me some as well mate, then we'll go to Australia on a helicopter mate and play with the koalas mate.
-yeme, we'll go to Austraila mate and play with the fish mate. then we'll have a bar-be-que mate and get smashed mate.
by oh, lo me March 01, 2012
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