Means retarded

Cause anyone who pays that much for shoes is retarded
You. “ that dude looks like a dumbass”
Me “ yeah he’s Yeezy

You “Vern looks so yeezy with all that peanut butter.
Me “yea he’s a yeez
by Jjrodmen June 08, 2018
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a sexual act where a male/female inserts his/her fingers In a males anal cavity
Kanye wanted prostate massage so Kim gave him a yeezy
by Chris vtech October 07, 2016
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.1) 'n'Lyical rapper out of atlatna assoicated with Kickdoe Fam music group. 2.) 'n' A nickname reffering to Rapper Kayne West, infasizing the "Y" in his first name. 3.) 'v' Interroupting someone for what others may see as rude/vulgar or uneccsary
example 1.) "Yeezy" be goin in!
example 2.) Yeezy about to drop a new album next month.
example 3.) Did you see how he cut her off like that? " Yea, that was yeezy as hell!"
by My-Leaky June 02, 2011
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