Slang referring to the rapper Kanye West
Guy 1: What the hell is this?
Guy 2: This is yeezy's new track.
by ConArtistGotADickSoBig October 27, 2007
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noun: slang for the drug cocaine/coke
Yo! You got that yeezy on deck??!
I bet you got that mary but you ain't got no mother fuckin' yeezy ?
by fbgmgtdm February 7, 2014
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A brand of ugly overpriced shoes designed by Kanye West, a rapper who has fame for no reason and is looked up to as a role model by fags like Lil Yachty, who is responsible for shitty songs like One Night, Minnesota, and Broccoli with his fat buddy D.R.A.M.
Fat American 1: Aye Dawg just copped the new yeezys fam!

Smart Person: shut yo ass up dawg! nice way to waste 1,500 fuckin' dollars!
by Erectile Push Pop February 2, 2017
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Showing of you are rich by holding up a pair of yeezy’s to your ear and singing “yeezy yeezy yeezy” for the whole world to see
Person 1: “hey did you see that weird video of the guy who was singing “yeezy yeezy yeezy” with a yeezy at his ear
Person 2: “yeah, it was very weird and I didn’t like it”
by Woah, cool definition December 3, 2020
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Overpriced shoes that you never wear because you are scared to stain them
Tom: Damn you got Yeezys?
Bob: yass
by .JESUS. April 12, 2018
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Who taught you? Yeezy Taught me @
by TaughtMe July 1, 2015
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Adjective of intense disgust describing one engaging in anilingus immediately following the receiver's bowel movement, so as to knowingly and indifferently ingest faecal matter and anal mucus.

Childish or familiar suffix alteration of Middle-English yeete(v), also yete, "to eat", from Old High German ezzan(v) "to eat, consume, devour", from Middle High German èzzen(v), from Cimbrian èzzan(v), "to eat", from Proto-Germanic *etaną(v) "to eat", from Proto-West Germanic *etan, from PIE root *ed(v) "to eat".
I had to split from this ace three-some when I saw this yeezy bloke was down lickin' this other bloke's arse right out of the loo an' before he even hosed off. I started retchin' uncontrollably an' had to skedaddle; I couldn't chance he'd try to french me with shite in his mouth. I left them two blokes by 'emselves without me as their pincushion.
by W4phle_Stomp May 21, 2023
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