A girl who is an easy or frequent lay. A slut. A ho.
Man that chick is such a pin cushion, everyone I know has fucked her.
by cutjunkie ? March 05, 2005
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A ho; A person who has been poked too many times to count
Ellen: Do you know Lisa? She seems like a nice girl.
Jenny: Nice? That girl is a pincushion if I ever saw one!
by yourblondeness February 16, 2006
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Used to describe a person with multiple body piercings.
This term is commonly used to describe a person possessing alot of body piercings and refers them to a "Pin-Cushion" as they have alot of holes in them with metal through them.

by Jacob Guest July 31, 2006
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A deragatory term for a hardcore or "hxc" kid. Referred to as such, due to them having multiple facial piercings including their lip, nose, eyebrows, and especially obnoxiously huge plugs on their earlobes that strech their ears out long enough to look like dumbo. Many of them like to preach about being straight edge, or "sXe", without actually practicing it. They are more to less, closeted emo kids.

Their taste in music consists, typically of post-hardcore/screamo, deathcore, and electronicore bands that all the sound the same, though, they will often try and make you think otherwise, don't let em fool you! A typical pincushion's favorite bands consists of asking alexandria, bring me the horizon, suicide silence, attilla, attack! attack!, underoath, falling in reverse, alexisonfire, we came as romans, i set my friends on fire, waking the cadaver, *insertobnoxiouslylongbandnamehere* etc. Some of the more obnoxiously douchey pincushions, and their underaged scene bean female counterparts are into crunkcore bands like brokencyde and dot dot curve, both of which are an abomination to all things music.

Pincushions are also known to hardcore dance at shows. They like to call themselves metalheads, when in reality, they don't know jack shit about what metal is! They are a thorn at the side of everyone self-respecting metalhead, and are the main reason why its no longer fun to go in mosh pits at shows.
Example 1: metalhead: you're into metal? Nice! My favorite bands are iron maiden, judas preist, metallica, megadeth, overkill, hammerfall, sonata arctica, at the gates, death, in flames, insomnium, and arch enemy.

pincushion: d00d!! none of those bands are metal, der all gay cause they all have melody!!!! for it to be metal, its gotta be BR00TAL!!!!!!!!!! LIEK SUICIDE SILENCE!!!!!!!

metalhead: please, you don't know shit about metal! suicide silence sucks, all of their songs sound the same!


metalhead: shut up, you damn pincushion!

pincushion: STFU YOU FUCKIN FAG!!!!! I GO CRY NOW!!!!!

Example 2: metalhead 1: hey, are you trying to go to mayhemfest this year? I heard behemoth's on the lineup?

metalhead 2: eh, why bother? there's too many pincushions there nowadays.

metalhead 1: yeah, you're right, lets go see overkill instead!
by sbm1990 September 14, 2014
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