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a smooth way to tell someone fuck no
hey you wanna go to the clay aiken concert? yeah no
by Tivo December 13, 2004
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How to answer a question when the asker's or answerer's desired response is "yes" but the truthful response is "no."

The harder it is to say the "no" part, the longer you stretch out the "yeah" part.
"Hey, wanna catch a movie sometime?"


"Are those budget reports ready?"


"Did you get laid this weekend?"

by DtothaJ November 04, 2007
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A phrase that people now use to start sentences for some goddamn reason.
"Yeah no, I'd love to go commit suicide with you this afternoon. See you at 3!"
by Sebastian Gorkamorka April 03, 2008
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Aussie-Kiwi slang of unknown origins. It is the answer to a question where the answer could be yes or no. Or where the answeree simply changes their mind halfway through answering :d
Q did you get laid last nite
A yeahno, but i was this close to a BJ
by dude_zeon May 14, 2004
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An annoying and obnoxious phrase uttered by the simple minded, who don't think before they speak. It's a manner of habit for most who use it.
Lance: "Is that included in the price you quoted?"
Rep: "Yeah no, you need to upgrade for that"
by KImCobain April 22, 2015
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Depending on the user or situation it can have various meanings. For other users' interpretations, read the other definitions.


1. Can be a harmless sarcastic response to a silly question or statement for emphasis. Never meant to be bitter.
2. Said in retort to an incredibly dumb question, no extra wording, but unlike in 1, the question is borderline idiotic or stupid instead of just silly. The response is said with a scathing tone. In internet forums the tone can be (usually NEEDS to be) replaced using elipses (...) or smilies.
3. Said in emphasized agreement or (once again) sarcastic response to a comment (the sarcasm is usually applied when the question is a burn).
4. An emphasis to a statement or set of statements to show just how... ANYTHING an implied situation is (usually the implied situation is bad and will result in failure if ever attempted).
(1.) Person A: Will Doom 2 work on Windows XP?
Person B: Lol, yeahno, sorry buddy.

(2.) N00b: i cn sendz dizz 2 bot 4 mod helpz?
Chat Member: .....Yeahno. |:|

(3.) Guy 1: Hey do you think Johnson's gonna land that chick for Prom?

(4.) So, you go into the dungeons of this castle, and you come across this sign. It says "If you go into this cavern you will face a gigantic fuck-off dragon that breathes liquid magma". Then you're given the choice to either advance or retreat. With the description I got? I'm thinkin' "YEAHNO!"
by Sonikkun the Blaze January 13, 2009
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a contradictory statement that essentially means "yes, you are correct, but you're an asshole."
Yeah no, me and Meg did go to the Garnets game, but we also threw rocks at philly.
by Matthew A December 21, 2008
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