Tony Yayo from G-Unit raps on the song "Fat Chicks" by G-Unit;l meaning he likes "big girls"
by RocktownPrincess July 22, 2005
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slang for coke, used commonly by dealers. some fuckers think they're cool cause they use the word yayo instead of coke...but they aren't
don't listen to becky she's been shortin the lines of the sweet sweet yayo
by my word is law May 29, 2006
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Anything that is to ones disliking."Yayo" is more so of an expression or saying such as "ill", "oh no","oh my god".
An ugly person, a lie, adis are all yayo.
* Everything I dislike is yayo. Sounds like but no dislike to Yayo..Tony Yayo that is from G-Unit.
Usage In A Everyday Conversation:
person1:"He said he liked you."
person2:"Oh no, yayo! I can't stand him."
by Makne February 14, 2005
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the act of making someone snort a line of your semen while you have sex doggy style
Joe yayo'd that girl last night, she wont be able to breath right for a week.
by Deathorglory February 04, 2010
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