The irresistible and unfightable urge to yawn when someone yawns first at you.
Our bordem at dinner got so bad that a yawn pong match broke out. Service!
by raz13 June 15, 2010
A game played by tired people. In short, one person yawns and then the other person does. Should the original yawner yawn twice before the second person yawns once, player one has one point.
We played tweleve rounds of yawn pong last night.
by James Frohlich April 12, 2007
The foul smelling woft of bad breath that you expell first thing in the morning when yawning usually after a night out drinking and smoking having collapsed on your bed forgetting to brush your teef.
I woke up after a heavy nights boozing next to a girl i did not recognise with a traffic cone in the corner of my room and a bike lock round my neck. She yawned and jeeeezus did i get the full force of her yawn pong. I then threw up on her.
by blx February 18, 2010
A contagious yawn between two or more people.
“After we played ping-pong yawn for ten minutes, we decided it was time for bed or coffee.”
by Ice cream anti-social March 15, 2019