When your with your friend or decide to spam some people and you like the post and then write gay as a comment. Do this to all of their feed.
Lets "like gay" that Israel Moore shit.
by the like gayers April 30, 2011
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More like gay, is used in all situations where you dont agree with the word being said. See: more like
The difference between "More like" and "More like gay" is that word gay is applied to everything.

Prodominantly used to make fun of peoples names.
Paul J: How gay is Alana?
David B: More like Gaylana

Person 1: Youre such a Cunt Fucker
Person 2: More like Gay fucker

David B: Hayden youre so gay
Jake R: More like Hayden Pisexual
David B: More like Gayden Pisexual

Fag 1: Do you have Myspace?
Cool Person 1: More like Gayspace.

Mass Bebo email: Gaylana wants you to join her on Bebo!
Cool Person: More like Gaybo.
by David Beadle August 27, 2006
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When someone might say something and you might quickly retaliate by saying the sentence but putting gay somewhere in it.
by Regineer October 17, 2016
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When your friend only knows how to play one song and its Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
Dude, smells like gay spirit, learn something else why dont you?
by skittishManiac November 07, 2017
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What is said of a guy that looks like a real sleaze bag.that is absolutly that king of sleaze bags. A guy whose looks make you thing of a bunch of sleaze bag queers fucking each other in the butt ect.
There's no way I trust that guy he looks like gay porn.
by Deep blue 2012 December 01, 2009
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Being a fool that nobody likes because you are acting very stupid or doing something that somebody dislikes alot
"Why are you going around tripping other people Jimmy, seriously your gon'a get your ass kicked, i thought you were my friend untill you tripped me to"

"Well im gay like that"


"Im Bein gay like that"

"Ok seriously screw you, ur pissin me off im gona kick your ass wit my black friends"

"Well Ull never get me alive biaches"

by RunJimmyRun October 29, 2007
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