Internet term meaning "yeah really", usually found after the term orly.
person A - I'm super awsome =o
person B - orly?
person A - yarly
by Hippiedude August 23, 2005
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Amazing, pwn to the 3456th degree, epic to the yes degree, the best you can get.
A: Did you see that rhinoceros on a giraffe on a unicycle?
B: Thats so yarly!
by amazingyesss April 25, 2009
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Mixing the words "yeah" and "gnarly"
1)Dude that shirt is so yarly!
2)Yarly Dude!
by josiahhhh January 1, 2008
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Comes from the russian/pirate franchise meaning YES! or YEH!

Basically russians rock and thats how they roll.

Kinda like a german mix aswell eg.. Yah with a Ly
-You been playing TR on CoD?
by 'EsU-Baker October 2, 2007
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sweden's biggest crybaby making pop music for cry dancing
- who's crying on the stage?
- that must be YARLIE
by IVVDEHHLBV November 21, 2021
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