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A girl with a good sense of humour, will make you laugh in the worst moods. She can succeed in every thing she does especially academically, and she is a very creative person.
That girl is so funny

Of course! She’s a Yaretzi!
by Shygirl1123 March 18, 2018
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Yaretzi is the one person you never want to lose. She's the one person who knows everything about you. She has brown eyes and curly hair. -(She loves to game a lot.)- She can be wild and crazy but once you get to know her shes beautiful, kind, and caring. She's been hurt many times but she uses her pain and turns it to love. Once you find a Yaretzi never let go of her.
Never lose a Yaretzi
by Marlene Vasquez January 25, 2019
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curly haired curly who is lazy and who’s parents will kick her out of the house one day and has a kind of sense of humor that will get into with the cops because gurl this is bich lasagna
by Yaretzi Rosales December 27, 2018
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