Shane: With your testimony, 2 years is the best I can get for you. I'm sorry.
Tulips: How much time are you getting for sexual misconduct?
Shane: Pardon me?
Tulips: I got a yammy full of Georgia joy juice darling - enough DNA to have you writing parking tickets at the Quima. So, am I walking out of here or do I need to call your supervisor?

Quote: Episode 1x10 of the Shield
by inane5 January 19, 2005
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To puke, hurl, vomit, toss cookies, blow chunks, projectile vomit, or other forceful issuance of ones stomach contents.
Dude, Chris just yammied on your bumper.
by jesusplayedwithwood September 13, 2003
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kids don’t miss the fucking yammy or i’ll whip your asses
by trufy&kbospank February 16, 2019
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A word to describe an impossibly cute blonde.
Oh my god Yammy, you are gorgeous today!
by Bob the Destructor December 8, 2004
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A fat rip from a vape
Kyle: yo that was a sick yammy bro!!
Adam: haha thanks bro, you wanna go yammy at Walmart?
by adam1521352 November 13, 2019
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Yammies refer to extremely large breasts on a woman.
After Michelle kicks the ball, her yammies make it to first base about a minute before the rest of her.
by Patrique Osbourne October 1, 2007
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