"An anonymous, invisible, imaginary person that you can blame for anything and everything you do not want to be blamed for yourself."
Person in crowded elevator: "Oh man, who cut the cheese?" You: "Don't look at me, Yahootie did it."
by vicioushemi March 15, 2010
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1. the call of a powderhoud, usually shouted while experiencing freshies
yahootie! yahootie! yahootie? YAHOOTI!
by teamzepher April 4, 2009
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another term for penis, vagina or sexual intercourse
1. I got some yahootie last night.
2. Brian has a big yahootie.
3. I caught my parents yahooting last night.
by Jen T. February 2, 2008
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The invisible man who lives in your refrigerator and turns the light on/off when the door opens.
"'Fridge light is out; Yahootie must be on vacation."
by Randomcontributor October 9, 2013
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Feeling "Yahooti" is when you're either excited, angry, happy, shocked, or having an amazing orgasm.
by SweeeeeeeetRevenge October 1, 2011
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