Seinfeld reference; when you want to skip a part in a story or something you are telling someone so you just say yadayadayada.
So I went to this barn full of horny rednecks and yadayadayada now i look like swiss cheese.
by beattie April 11, 2005
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Is a synonym to the phrase etcetera and means "and the rest". Another synonym is blah blah blah
You have to learn a song to sing at the dance, at the awards ceremony, yadayadayada.
by waisone February 13, 2005
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a term used to mask phrases or sentances that you dont want people to know about in a conversation
i met this realy ugly girl. she was hammered so i took her home and we yadayadayada... and she went home
by anonomus January 2, 2005
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