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Yabely Is a beautiful and wonderful girl. Everyone loves her but yet girls get jealous because of her beauty. She has big boobs and a great ass even if she says no. Yabely is kind and lovable to everyone unless you get into her bad side you're screwed. she will make everyone laugh and when you hear her laugh it will bright your day ten x more. Yabely can be really freaky at times so be prepared for that ;). She can make you fall in love with her by her laugh and the way she will make you happy. She might think that makeup makes her pretty it does but either way without makeup she's just as beautiful, she can bring you heaven and hell but at the end she's worth it. She'll be one of the fewest girls who would give a damn about you. She's faithful in every relationship and friendship. Yabely is very trustable. Everyone needs to get a yabely.
by Truestuff😉 January 30, 2017
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