if a person keep asking too many peronal questions just say:
M Y O B. It is perfect to use in an email response.
by Atassm September 20, 2007
thats stupid phrase that is used by that annoying guys wife in the canadian tire commercial for the "bring your own bed".
"It's the new B-Y-O-BED by woods" - stupid guys wife.
by diseased sheep August 17, 2005
Heres an anagram for all its meanings



Shut the fuck up before I break your fucking neck

"Y O S H"
by CRAZY2INSANE October 22, 2018
Mine your own business, myob or m y o b
Summary of M Y O B OR MYOB Is mine your own business
by Atassm September 20, 2007
When you're so bored literally at life that you type the search bar "type any word" without every other letter.
School's boring, time to type "t p a y o d"! Let's see what comes up!
by Skinnypenis469 November 10, 2020