A melodic percussion instrument made of resonators and wooden keys with a chromatic scale. Mallets are used to strike the keys.
The Nazareth Blue Eagle marching band has rockin Xylophone players!
by kreeta April 1, 2004
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banging ones cock on someone's teeth while they are smiling
by huster April 23, 2003
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Grab your dick and play the Xylophone on her ribs.
You: Let me see your ribs
Girl: Kay one sec
You: Imma give you a Xylophone
Girl: Okay
You: "Whack her ribs with your dick"
by Joe Joe BoB June 5, 2009
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Employing someone's ribs as a music making machine, courtesy of your man-mallet.
Steve and Sally enjoyed the symphonic ecstasy of ribcage tones courtesy of Steve's mastery of xylophoning.
by Slick Rick "The Dick" November 22, 2018
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The xylophone is a sexual act in which a female braces herself in the table (or crab) posistion, and her male partner repeatedly strikes her naked body with his erect phallus. It is customary, but not necesary, for the female to replicate xylophone sounds with her mouth or anus in accordance with the location of the phallic strikes.

If two men do this at the same time to one woman, it is known as a duet.

Also, instead of being in the crab posistion, the parter on the receiving end of the strikes could just lay on the edge of a bed or table.
I went and divorced my wife after I found out she got the xylophone from Fransico Elson.
by jaypeddie November 27, 2007
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When a man (or woman) has such toned abs that you could pick up a mallet and play them like a xylophone.
Blythe: Man that guy has such great abs!

Sarah: Yea, I could look at those xylophone abs all day...
by Qwassie November 17, 2013
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The name of the massively successful merchandising company that grants consumers the power to fight nicotine addiction.
“Hey did you get the new wave 2 Xylophone Corporation shirt?” “Yeah, I love the amazing design and I quit vaping 3 weeks ago!”

The Xylophone Corporation is the new company that is sweeping the nation and is also responsible for the Xylophone family of products.
by Father Xylophone October 8, 2019
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