a made up fictional character that people keep making roblox stories with
he says "hi I am Xiao ling" in front of every fucking sentence
by chiaruko July 1, 2022
It all started when TIKTOK accounts that posted movies started to replace the names of (usually the main character) males with Xiao Ling. People found it funny and started to create a trend using that name. The most “popular” one is when people make Roblox stories and include a character called Xiao Ling.

Whenever that character pops up, a specific song is played and the character always introduces himself like “Hello My name is Xiao Ling.” This content somehow made people laugh and joke around with the name. People on Roblox (who were not Chinese) started to name themselves Xiao Ling because it is “funny”.

This whole making-fun-of-Xiao-Ling is not funny and is just people being racist. Almost every week, Chinese people are being made fun of and the things that are “funny” aren’t even funny…if u participate in this trend literally grow up.
Immature kids: Xiao Ling is funny. You are just being sensitive.

People with common sense: it’s not funny..you’re just racist.
by soohrina August 7, 2022
1. A character in TikTok roblox stories who has an Xbox avatar and speaks in first person. Whenever this character speaks, happy instrumental music plays.
2. A term used to mock TikTok movie narration accounts that change character names and have horrific English.
1. “Xiao Ling from that new TikTok story is hilarious!”
2. “The man’s name was Xiao Ling.”
by STAN DAL SHABET July 2, 2022
Xiao Ling Syndrome is a very serious illness which can cause serval different side effects you or a loved one might have caught it if they have any of these symptoms.

-unfunny jokes

-low intelligence

-snapping other girls
Xiao Ling Syndrome

“Xiao Ling goes for a dive
by Sneko August 24, 2022
Xiao Ling syndrome is a very serious diseases which cause serval side affects such as


-low intelligence

-snapping other girls
by Sneko August 24, 2022