slang for xanax (alprazolam), a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine
we were crashing hard off that coke, until we hit off some xanies and passed out.
by nate March 18, 2005
-You trippin on that xany??
by polskiii June 11, 2012
She took a xany now she think she is a baddie.
by LeSDeBesT December 8, 2018
a slang term used for the prescription pill Xanax {Xanax
"aye bro did you take a xany?"

"We took a xany last night at the party"

"dropped a xany in the sprite"
by FC Jones April 14, 2018
A merging of the benzodiazepine, Xanax and the bestial Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves, used when something is done in a relaxed manner yet with vigor and ferocity.
Yo, when I came through with Ruben and spat that hot fire I was on that Xani Alves tip.


Yo, the other night I fucked Amandalynn on some Xani Alves shit
by fadh January 7, 2010