You use it when u are without words
I am WW
by Camipenguin July 28, 2020
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adj. Collective adjectives, including cute, beautiful, kind, and wise. Usually used to compliment a girl who is flawless and extremely cute.
1. Angels do exist, they are so ww!
2. You are such a ww girl!
by wzc November 23, 2021
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WW ish is wearing Lululemon, drinking Pumpkin spice lattes, and feeling uncomfortable talking about race.
by SpGangsta September 24, 2020
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a white guy that thinks he’s the shit and thinks mha is the best anime oat while having down syndrome
WW is so stupid why did his parents have him
by trulykeo May 4, 2022
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WW, a term that gained more use via tiktok, stands for White Woman.
person 1: look at this cute Asian girl on my fyp

person 2: … bro that’s a whole ww ☠️

person 1: WHAT
by ExpPls? June 13, 2022
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"Karen is just an example of how ww facilitate the white power structure."
by Paww December 12, 2022
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