See was.
"We wus au-up-in-ere, dog. Shee-it."
by Zor Prime December 01, 2003
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An acronym that stands for 'wild, unprotected sex.' It can be used in everyday speech, but is preferred among instant messaging or social networking sites.
1. Marc - "Nathan wanted to have WUS with me last night!"

2. Meredith - "I heard that Sarah was so hammered last week, she had WUS! And this morning she found out she was pregnant!"

Renée - "Quick! You grab a coat hanger and two Excedrin - I'll grab Sarah."

by Sarah Starrshine March 19, 2009
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Dai wouldn't let me fück she's a wus
by Dai's hoe November 24, 2016
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Some who is too afraid to cover their entire pencil case in duct tape.
Greg: Yo Jonathan, my home boy, why is is yo pencil case so brocken? Why haven't you duct taped that shit.
Jon: Nah man, I dont wanna.
Greg: Bro why you such a Wus?(with a rhetorical inflection)
by trentandhishomi September 09, 2017
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