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wtf meaning "what the fuck" an extreme lack of understanding something that just happened to the person making the statment.
pwned meaning Owned being bested without any chance of retaliation.
wtfpwned meaning the person does not understand how they where bested without having a chance for retaliation.
a group of 8 adult human's gang up on 1 small child and take the child's candy, in a short matter of time.

They Wtfpwned him!
by Typo91 March 27, 2005
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Considered one of the most insulting things to call an Iraqi person. The title “Hodge” means a person has pursued and completed the highest of Muslim trials. The word is regarded among the most highly disciplined and devoted. To be known as Hodge is like what most of us urban people would think of someone with “Saint” actually in a person’s title. American soldiers refer to Iraqis as “Hodgies” because it is literally the cruelest term possible, to take the highest of regarded titles, turn it into a pet name with ‘ies’ and call someone that will never be worthy of such a title is not only a slap in the face to the Iraqi because it is reminding him that he, like most average people, are not truly perfect in his religion, and he will never be close to Allah, it is also a rip on his heritage and culture.
Hey man, I can't get these lazy Hodgies to fill more then 20 sandbags an hour!

Dude, I think that Hodgie took my pepsi!
by Typo91 July 23, 2006
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