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like fisting, but deeper
That girl was such a whore, she like to be wristed all night long.

-Dude, Seth, whats that rash all over your wrist?
-I don't know, man, I think I got it from wristing some whore the other night.
by sethsmom6969 April 01, 2009
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Often found in relationships beteen amputees and amputee fetishers. When a hand has been amputeed and instead of fingering or fisting, the amputee inserts their wrist into an ass or vagina for sexual pleasure.
I'm dating an amputee, but I miss being fisted. But he's so good at wristing!
by anonymous plz December 06, 2006
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The action of cutting one's own wrist. This is a common practice among "emo-kids". An expression of tremendous emotion.
"THE NEW MOON TRAILER IS OUT." "Oh god, all the fangirls are probably wristing already."
by Colors of the belt August 11, 2009
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In the begging stages of a relationship when sexual tension is high, rather then making a move, you "wrist". Flirtatious touching.
"last night I could tell he was too nervous to make a move. We were totally wristing"
by Shiniquah September 17, 2012
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The rather aberrant form of male masturbation that includes holding the penis up to the lower abdomin and stroking it via the bottom of one's wrist.

no lotion is required for this proccess
"yo d00d, like i didnt have any lube last night, so i just like wristed it and it felt great!"

"d00d, do you know how soft the bottom of your wrist is? dude, try wristing, its awesome!"
by Roofus the Stunt Bum March 09, 2008
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