A sad and rather pathetic person who goes to as many music festivals and concerts as their parents can afford. Not for enjoyment, or love of the music but so that they can show off their tatty collection of wristbands along with their tan at the end of the summer.
Penelope: "The red one's from Reading and the green one's from Glastonbury. The purple one's from this darling little place in Italy that I went to whilst Daddy was on a business trip there"
John: "Which band did you like best then?"
Penelope: "Band? Huh?"
John: "Gah - you are such a Wristband Collector"
by Bunny Phluff March 13, 2008
A white girl at a club that is underage; and or drunk. Used so the girl does not know you are talking about them.
RED: "Yo Blew look at that pink wristband, she got a donkey"
by willblew March 18, 2007
After wearing a paper wristband for several days it is common for a person to experience the sensation that they are still wearing a wristband even though it’s been removed. This sensation is called “phantom wristband syndrome
Dave visited Jean everyday in the hospital. Each day he had to get a new color wristband to prove he was an approved visitor. After Jean left the hospital, Dave experienced “Phantom Wristband Syndrome” feeling like he still had a wristband on, even though it had been removed several days ago
by PoorDavid January 22, 2023
the square bit of waxed paper that covers the adhesive on a paper wristband, commonly used as proof of paid admission to events, concerts, theme parks, etc.
Hey, can you bring us over a trash can for the wristband butts? Thanks.
by frontofhouser May 27, 2018
A wristband that was originally designed in the 1960s for the biker/greaser/rocker subculture. Bikers would often add studs or spikes to their leather jackets or their clothing for decoration. Nowadays however these wristbands have been adopted by the alternative subcultures, which are completely unrelated to the 1960s biker/greaser/rocker subculture. You can always tell a bikers studded or spiked jacket by the motorcycle patches and the pins. Alternative people don't wear motorcycle pins/patches. They just wear mall goth crap.
Person 1: Hey wait is that a studded/spiked wristband?
Person 2: Hell yeah, I just got it from The London Leatherman motorcycle shop in England.
by RockersBritish May 4, 2022