1. Expression of wonderment.
2. Expresssion of bewilderment.
3. Expression of pleasure.
(origin, East Richardson)
1. Wowzers man, Dane is unbelievable.
2. Wowzers man, is that a guy or a girl?
3. Wowzers, that was the shit.

Often used in conjuction two hands held in front and a slight tilt of the head.
by Dane Button March 12, 2003
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Using "wow" in a more exclaimed way.
Kyndra: look at that guy!
Alyssa: WOWZERS!!

Nick: I caught a 3 foot fish today!
Ryan: Are you serious?
Nick: yea, man
Ryan: wowzers!
by swimswim June 01, 2007
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Something someone might say if they are shocked by something startling to them. Or, something that you might hear Inspector Gadget say.
Penny: Uncle Gadget! I think we found the secret hideout to Dr. Claw!
Inspector Gadget: WOWZERS!
by The K. Funk February 15, 2010
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