Means the same thing as wow but with more "oomph" & enthusiasm.
"You're going out with Monica tonight? Wowzers! Dean-o!! Props buddy - hope ya seal tha deal!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
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"You slept for fourteen hours straight?!?! WOWZER!!"
by MPCusack January 5, 2004
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The act of consuming copious amounts of beer and then some mushrooms.

Side effects include saying “WOWWW!” over and over while you melt away.

Uncontrollable laughing is also a common side effect.
For the greatest experience, experts recommend watching The Matrix Reloaded.
Next time we do wowzers, we are going to watch the whole Matrix series.
by TheBigZamboni October 16, 2018
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Look at 238345 and a hald foot long hot dog! Wowzers!
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
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1. Expression of wonderment.
2. Expresssion of bewilderment.
3. Expression of pleasure.
(origin, East Richardson)
1. Wowzers man, Dane is unbelievable.
2. Wowzers man, is that a guy or a girl?
3. Wowzers, that was the shit.

Often used in conjuction two hands held in front and a slight tilt of the head.
by Dane Button March 12, 2003
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Using "wow" in a more exclaimed way.
Kyndra: look at that guy!
Alyssa: WOWZERS!!

Nick: I caught a 3 foot fish today!
Ryan: Are you serious?
Nick: yea, man
Ryan: wowzers!
by swimswim June 1, 2007
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