What the Elites in the popular game Halo have been known to say. At times picked up by people who play the game as an exclamation not unlike woot. Experts in Halo generally contend that "wort" is the imperative form of the verb "to go" or an expression to the effect of "move out" or "don't run away or I will skin you're little grunt hide"
by The Shadow December 29, 2005
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Go. An exclaimation of action, often used in threes. Used mainly by the Covenant race known as "Elites". (Halo)
by Nathan Koga February 25, 2004
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Wort is unfermented beer.
I boiled the wort for an hour before I pitched the yeast.
by LonelyNeuron January 23, 2006
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An offshoot of “word.” Usually heard in the online solicitation of candy bars to raise money for T-Ball leagues. Commonly used with young boys with hard to follow speech patterns.
"My daddy doesn't do a lot of wort."
by Ducka Ducka Inc. May 31, 2005
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covanent words used by elites when in battle, from Halo/Halo2. Always used three times consecutivly. Commonly translated as "Go, go, go!" or "Attack!"
(master cheif surprises an elite)
(shooting begins)
by Lanny Ellis July 26, 2006
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Sangheili mating call when the male is ready to reproduce and have kids that will die in battle
Male elite 1: Wort Wort Wort

A random male elite: Hey man, wanna fuck tonight?
*they start having sex the dinosaur way the male elite 1 dies from genital failure after having a mating session with another male but he died with honor, which all elites do in the lore*
by random_dino September 13, 2021
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When you weeze and snort at the same timw
I just WORTED.
by sabbytabs November 5, 2018
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