A mmorpg that seems to be attracting alot of controversy these days. Apparently addictive, but only if you have the will-power of a pet rock. Has a 15 dollar monthly fee, which is chump change if you're actually out of grade school and have a job. Even a minimum wage one will do. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible to carry on a normal life while actively playing this game. You can even reach the maximum level, because the game is so fast paced. Truly one of the best games ever if you are into online gaming and role playing strategy games.
"Hey man, you wanna play WoW for a while? I got some time to kill."

"Nah, I can't right now, I'm going to the gym with Jen in a few minutes. Have fun though"
by David March 26, 2005
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Guy in rehab: I was addicted to coke man... *twitch*

Girl in rehab: I... long time.... meth... *faints*

Me: I was addicted to world of warcraft! I played for 10 hours a day non-stop! It really messed me up... *smiles*
by wowplayerwithalife April 11, 2007
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World of Warcraft. Noun. Tool for destroying your opposition.
Fred was making me look bad at work by working too hard and being entirely too successful for his own good, so I gave him a free copy of World of Warcraft and a six months subscription. Mwahahaha!
by Getterix the Night Elf April 28, 2007
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1. An online computer game in which you design your character either from the horde or the alliance then play to become level 60 which is the highest level.

2. An escape for most people from the toils of the real world offering them a sense of relaxation.

3. A friendship killer.
1. "Dude...I'm gonna go play some World of Warcraft!"

2. "God I can't wait to get home from my shitty school and play some WoW."

3. "You never talk to me anymore because you are always on WoW."

"I don't give a fuck woman! Now stop bothering me while I am doing an instance!
by Crazy Pan August 12, 2006
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a place where no one has ever seen a girl and they all spell with extreme AIM abbreviations

~guy on WoW~ ima gona head 2 goldshire now

(he see's a girl night elf dancing)

~guy on WoW whispers her~ i bet ur totally a guy
~girl on WoW~ umm, no im not...
~guy on WoW~ OMFG WUT? @#$%^$@!@ will u plz be my girlfriend i like u ur so hot

(lmao im a girl who played warcraft and i had this experience like 10 times!!!)
by someonewrotethisyeah. June 28, 2009
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Taken mistakenly as a peer to EverQuest or EverQuest II, it is an entertaining game in which a player learns how to cooperate as a team, and harnesses competition, unlike EverQuest II. The irony behind half of the definitions under this category is this: If you'd read the back of the box, you would realize that it states "even if you only have a couple of minutes, World of Warcraft's superior quest system offers quick gameplay." The sad truth is that people don't want to accept the fact that many of the players on this game have lives, jobs, spouses, ect. They see that it is an MMORPG, and automatically assume that it's a parallel to EQ and EQ2.
definition conformist: "wow is a game when ppl see no pussy and ppl cant get laid, n tehy don have jobs"

World of Warcraft player: "Actually, I'm a paramedic, and I work when I'm needed, I just got back from a crime scene, a man was shot and wounded, I saved his life. I play this in my spare time when I'm not playing with my dog, coaching my son's soccer team, spending time with my family or my wife. It's easy to accomplish something in this game, and it's fun too! It's so easy to get involved in the game and have a social life."

definition conformist: "w/e u nerd, go bak to ur moms basement"

World of Warcraft player: "Er... right o_O"


World of Warcraft player: "Congratulations! I'm glad you accomplished your goal. I hope you're enjoying your game. ^_^"

definition conformist: :eq2 fagg ur more loser than wow player stupid fag go hav sex w/ ur dog"
by Your Friendly Informist April 22, 2005
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