I didn’t get her nudes last night so I made this
This day is for if you didn’t get her nudes last night so here’s horny day 2
by Cool chad 29 April 17, 2020
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You think Fur-Day is December 20th? Wrong. It's Friday. Every Friday. You must do whatever your furry friends wish you to do.
John: Thank god Fur-Day is over. A whole year to recover.

Shark: See you Friday for Fur-Day 2.
by god_65535 December 21, 2020
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on this day October 22nd you can be as gay as you want with your homies yet still be straight
dude it’s national no homo day 2 October 22nd you know what that means, national no homo day! now let’s fuck.
by Badbitch689 October 22, 2019
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The day in which mammals around the globe unveil their horny and tribal like natures. It follows National Horny Day the day after, on April 17th, due to the amazing festivities seen on the 16th.
Yeah dude, National Horny Day was great but if it wasn’t for National Horny Day 2 I would’ve never met my fiancé.
by riggums April 17, 2020
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It doesn't exist, Shut up israeli furries
Furry: Its Fur day 2 Owo

A normal person: It doesn't exist you Jewish Furry go make love to your dog
by NormalDecentHumanBeing December 22, 2020
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You are legally obligated to hug all Furries you meet, and you cannot fight back no matter what.
Held on December 5th.
they hugged the furry because it was hug-a-furry day 2
by kfgdkosdkofsdokfsdkofoksd December 4, 2020
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a day whdre you can get to kill furries n stuff it happen on july 3rd
"its kill a furry day 2"
"die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kill cutely"
by kfgdkosdkofsdokfsdkofoksd June 28, 2021
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