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work & play have come together to form the word workplay. Simply this is the convergance of both play and work, where work becomes play for you and you play at your work (and you can play to win if you choose).
An example of work play can be found - someone is working and they choose to decide to make their job/work a game and act like they are playing/ having fun at it...

Workplay is generally time associated to activities where you earn money while playing/ enjoying yourself/ having fun.... It is your choice though, right?
by Thomas Green August 28, 2006
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Similar to foreplay but revolves around chores. Not getting any action until the honey do list is done.
Greg: Hey girl you could bring that back rub down a bit lower... And to the front...
Sara: Honey you have to give me a little workplay to get something. That sore thumb garage is so turning me off.
by parkca01 July 01, 2010
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