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Buzzword (technically phrase) frequently used to describe the 'culture' of a company, particularly startups or larger corps trying to project a cool image. In serious usage it's intended to imply that while there's a lot to do it's never thankless and that employees enjoy the experience overall; in practice, it generally means you're going to be working a lot of late nights without overtime for fear you won't be seen as a 'team player'; if you're lucky, this is recompensed by an open bar at the company holiday party.

You're probably not lucky, if you've taken a job where this was supposed to be one of the selling points.
"This is a really vibrant, growing organization. People love it here. We work hard and play hard." -- an interviewer you should not trust with your life or your livelihood. Run.
by ardith March 23, 2013
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a term of endearment used widely amongst teenagers in North Central Washington
Hey skank, how are you?

She may be a whore, but I am definitely a skank.
by ardith January 12, 2004
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A person involved in band who enjoys it so much that they constantly have band on their minds.

Known to date other "band geeks," roll their feet outside of band, generally have random and/or strange thought processes, are generally some of the coolest and most talented people ever, while some are quite possible the scariest people ever.

Not to be confused with "orch dorks" or "choir queers"
Those Eastmont band geeks are the bomb dizzle. Not to mention hot.
by ardith January 12, 2004
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