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elbow1: aw shit bro. little bit harder
elbow2: *elbow grunt* best.. fucking.. worgy.. everrrrr
elbow3: fuck bro i think i just wizzed!
by wraina August 30, 2011
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When three or more forcefully gay people in wookie costumes get together and have sex
The worgy last night was extremely relaxing
by derekbubbles August 25, 2014
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when two or more couples get together, and, usually by accident, a kissing (and more) war will ensue, each couple trying to outdo the other.
Lynn and John had a worgy with Brian and Susie the other day. Whenever Lynn kissed John, Susie would kiss Brian with more enthusiasm, and vice versa.
by Stacey Falcon September 03, 2006
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