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A statement encompassing the feeling of the term word, but with a greater degree of emotion. It is used when the the term word itself feels inadequate.
Person A: Why do Western men find themselves in places like Thai brothels or Parisian S&M clubs? Could it be that the modern, media-saturated society has desensitized us into not getting any enjoyment out of the most common of physical expressions? For those who enjoy delving into masochism, don't you think it signifies a sort of regression back to our primitive nature? If so, don't you think this is just a harbinger of further regressions in our daily lives?

Person B: Wordness.
by dequinix August 02, 2006
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To have a lot of words
What the fuck is up with all this wordness?
by anjela October 11, 2003
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cool way of saying word which also means ok or yes. this is copyright material protected by the Julia and Bart Co.
Is Bart better looking then Justin Timberlake? Wordness!
by barUlia March 14, 2005
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