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Taken from the name given to the original Human Beatbox, DJ Doctor Nice from 1980's Rap Group, The Fatboyz. In it's verb form, it is meant to define the act of "spitting" by pursing the lips and blowing in short bursts as if playing a trumpet, producing a sound (when done correctly) similar to the beat of a bass drum, as well as other percussion instruments. A truly gifted human beatbox (noun form) can produce a wide variety of percussion audio using only his mouth and cupping his hands in various manners to "fine tune" the effect. "Spitting" was not the only manner of human beat boxing, as there were also, bleeps, hums, ticks, clicks, and claps, as well as several other wide ranges of auditory garbles. Human beatboxing went from a fad, to an art, then to a fizzle in the early 90's, when gangsta rap took over the scene and smote the art.
Ex. 1.: He's the human beatbox, so let it be known... he's the king of the beats on the microphone! Bustin' off rhymes at the top of the charts, no one can mess with his form of art.
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 06, 2010
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